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In 2021 we established the Curacao Research Center to follow our company’s intent to: INNOVATEDEMONSTRATEPROLIFERATE our technologies.

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Green Revolutionary Technologies


The ZERO WASTE Solution

Drum Size:
The standard Rotary Moulding System can make drums of any size up to 50cm dia. x 1 meter in height.

Drum Material:
The material is supplied by Eastern Petroleum in sachets containing the exact quantity of polymers required per drum. The polymer material utilized when melted with the bitumen enhances the rutting resistance and stability of the asphalt mix. Up to 85% of the BituDrum material can be from recycled material.


Drum Maker

A Truly Revolutionary Invention

The Rotary Moulding System initially designed specifically with packing bitumen in mind, can be utilized for manufacturing many other hollow plastic items such as toys, cold boxes etc.

Our system pumps hot thermal oil through the cavity in our moulds, applying heat directly to the surface on which the polymers melt. After the heat cycle, cold oil is pumped through the moulds to solidify the polymer. By this method exact temperature control for melting and cooling is achieved enhancing the product quality. The thermal oil is heated and cooled by electricity which will be supplied by a renewable source.

Safety Enhancement:
The opening and closing of moulds in the Eastern Petroleum system, is by way of Electronic Linear Actuators replacing the traditional method of manually opening and closing of moulds.

Commercial Advantages:
Reduction in manual labor, elimination of bolting and unbolting molds. Improved production cycle times, being fully automated, cycle times are reduced by 40%. Value added as better quality products can be produced due to the control of the melting and cooling temperatures.

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Eastern Petroleum Fabrication Facilities

Eastern Petroleum

Submersible Extraction Unit

To enable solidified bitumen to be extracted from the bottom of lakes, in liquid form, we have designed and applied for patent coverage on our totally submersible extraction system. The heater & drive unit can be totally submerged in the bitumen which heats the semi solid bitumen until it is sufficiently liquified to be pumped out. This enables the bitumen to be packed for distribution at the lake side alleviating the need to truck bitumen excavated in cold form, to a melting unit.

The Curaçao Asphalt Lake

The Asphalt lake, a long standing environmental issue, was created by the Curacao Refinery, owned by Shell, during the WWII area. The demand for the war machine was for light products, so the Bituminous heavy product was disposed of into a giant lake.

The Guanoco Lake (Venezuela)

The massive Guanaoco lake project in Venezuela, known as the black treasure of South America, is estimated to contain 75 million tons of Bitumen with a value of approx. $22.5 Billion. Eastern Petroleum is in negotiations to utilize our newly developed extraction and packing technologies to recover the bitumen, pack and market the recovered material in an environmentally friendly manner. This project is urgent as the ever increasing lake, fed naturally from under ground, is coming very close to the river supplying fresh water to the local communities. Please refer to investment opportunities.


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